Saturday, August 8, 2015

Official Blockly for sphero on the Mac / PC

I've been looking for a good way to program Sphero from a Block based coding app like Blockly or Scratch.  There have been some cool hacks, but they have been to hard to use to dare suggest anyone else try.

There is Tickle app on the iPad, and tynker is supporting in on android I hear (not tested yet)
so those of you with tables could get started, but I wanted to hook this up in a classroom with a bunch of laptops, or iMacs.

Then recently I found Spherly and it was easy an worked.  I even used it in a class with kids with no problems!

Then today I just found the official (betaSphero - Blockly so cool.  Now if I could find 12-24 Spheros maybe I can get this happening at my local school!

Small update here, while this official sphero app is way easier to set up, and what I am looking for when recommending tools, it's still to beta to recommend as easy.  Spherly which I mentioned already is still the better option on a PC/Mac.   And only Tickle app on the iPad has the true ease of use I'm looking for.  For both parents and Kids.