Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Class 3

Quick Review

Rules of pair programming
Driver and Navigator, take turns.

  • Know the secret code = computer commands
    • Move Forward
    • Turn (left, right)
    • Get Nectar
    • Make Honey
    • Repeat
  • Include every step (computers are dumb)
  • Sequence
  • Debug
  • Find Patterns (and loop them)

Loops and Patternsless work for us, more work for the computer

Watch the Repeat videos that would not play in class last week.
repeat 5 times
repeat Bee Maze

Do last Honey Bee Maze as a class
  • Patterns
  • Repeat
  • Step
    • Debugging
    • Breakpoints

Class Activity Loops unplugged 

WHILE you are not dizzy
    Spin around quickly
Throw up or fall down (or both)

No but really ...  Lets just read a story

Class Activity Build a Program

MIT Scratch

Program 1 Hello World


Program 2 Animate Initials


What We Learned

How to import a sprite in Scratch
How to draw a sprite in Scratch

How to add a Costume in Scratch

How to find commands in different pallets in scratch.Motion, Looks, Events, Control

How to add Scripts (command blocks) to a sprite.
How to have a sprite "say" something (display text)
How to have a sprite change Costume

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