Monday, October 6, 2014

Class 2

Quick Review

Computers Are:
    • Dumb
    • Obedient
    • Fast

Algorithm = recipe, instructions
Program = Algorithm a computer can understand, (code, script)
Command = an instruction

Rules of pair programming

Class Activity 

Tick Tac Toe whiteboard maze

Do last Angry bird Maze as a class

Loops, and Commands

What We Learned

  • Sequence
  • Debug
    • Try program over and over
    • "Step" through the program one command at a time
  • Find Patterns
  • Loop the Patterns with a Repeat
  • Do it in less steps (less work for us, more work for the computer)
  • Learn more secret codes (commands) 
    • Get nectar
    • Make Honey
    • Repeat

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